David Nester is an experienced, knowledgeable, and well-traveled drummer and drum technician from Dayton, Ohio

His background includes professional drumming for many genres ranging from:
Metal - Mick Blankenshipmychildren mybrideWolves At The GateOnce Nothing, Body Harvest

Rock/Pop - My Name In Vain, Me In The Making, Marilyn Avenue, To No End

Country -Clark Manson, Rayne Johnson, Pistol Holler, The Billy Brown Band, The Jason Owens Band, The Amy Sailor Band, Lexy Dunn, Alyssa Oeder, JAYME, 9Eight Central, The Derek Alan Band

​Drum tech experience includes touring with bands/artist such as:
Marilyn Manson (drum/playback tech)
Rob Zombie (drum tech)
All That Remains (drums/playback tech)
Whitechapel (drum tech)
Atreyu (drum tech)

David is available for online drum seminars, drum tech, and touring drumming.


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