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Michelle Nessk wins Best Actress at Mahul Woods International Film Festival

MWIFF is a monthly live screening film festival with an annual live screening mega event in Purulia. The monthly live screenings take place at the end of each month at an auditorium of Purulia. The GOLDEN MASK AWARDS gala will take place in January 2020 at the most prestigious auditorium of Purulia.

Each month, most representatives of monthly award winners are screened in Purulia. Besides the best of the category awards, there are also OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS, CRITICS CHOICE AWARDS, AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARDS and HONOURABLE MENTION AWARDS, which are given, in all categories. 

Michelle Nessk award winning film-maker and actress took home her latest reward of Best Actress for her role in the indie film "We Need To Talk".


"There are four words a woman can say to her man that will make him think about everything has has ever did, done, or didn't do. Those four words are We Need to talk."

Congratulations to Michelle Nessk for her newest award.


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